There are at least 17 national wine days identified by the National Day Calendar and Paul Eitel, owner of Paradise Limousine Company wants to be sure that no one misses out on their favorite wine day. The popular Paso Robles limo service has the inside scoop on wineries, wine tours, and local celebrations and destinations for any occasion.

The season of national wine days kicks off in February and winds up on New Year’s Eve. Not that anyone needs a special day to enjoy fine wine, but why not have just one more reason to get away for a few days?

The last national wine day, National Champagne Day of the year, for 2019 is on New Year’s Eve. Eitel doesn’t wait for December 31, to honor champagne. “We serve Korbel Champagne all year long on all of our six-hour tours,” said Eitel, “and we are happy to take you wherever you want to go on any national wine day or any day.”

Here is the 2020 National Wine Day calendar:

  • February 18, National Drink Wine Day
  • March 3, National Mulled Wine Day
  • April 17, International Malbec Day
  • April 24, Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • May 9, National Moscato Day
  • May 21, National Chardonnay Day
  • May 25, National Wine Day
  • June 11, National Rosé Day
  • August 1, National Albariño Day
  • August 4, National White Wine Day
  • August 18, National Pinot Noir Day
  • September 3, International Cabernet Day
  • September 11, International Grenache Day
  • November 7, International Merlot Day
  • November 12, International Tempranillo Day
  • November 19, National Zinfandel Day

Don’t forget that National Champagne Day comes around every year on December 31!

When you have favorite wineries, favorite wines, favorite food and wine pairings, or a favorite wine day, Paradise Limo has the perfect Paso Robles wine tour. Name your favorite Paso Robles Wine Country wineries and Paradise Limo will get you there.

Been thinking about popping the question but not sure how or when? Why not plan the special occasion on your intended’s favorite wine day? A romantic Paso Robles limo ride to a romantic destination under cover of celebrating a favorite wine is the perfect surprise.

Paso Robles wineries host a variety of wine festivals and events throughout the year. Paradise Limousine Service is ready to get guests safely to and from any wine tasting experience. A long-time local resident, Eitel knows where all of the region’s best kept winery secrets are hidden and the most enjoyable routes to get there. Call Paradise Limousine Service to book your next Paso Robles wine tour and National Wine Day experience!

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